Personal Safety Education

Personal Safety Education (PSE) is Arpan’s key project and aims at enabling and empowering children within schools, institutions and through workshop mode with information & skills in order to prevent the risk of sexual abuse. The PSE project also inculcates skills for seeking help and reporting cases of attempted and/or continued sexual abuse to trusted adults. Children who report cases of attempted and continued sexual abuse are provided with psychotherapeutic support to facilitate their healing process.

The PSE project also involves awareness building and skill enhancement of adults like parents, teachers and institutional caretakers who are the primary stakeholders and caregivers in a child’s life. These stakeholders are empowered with adequate information and skills with regard to child sexual abuse so that they can create strong safety and support networks around children in their respective environments. While children and their primary stakeholders are empowered, Arpan also constantly advocates with the school and NGO management to make systemic level changes within their current infrastructure, programmes, systems, policies etc. in order to sustain the social impact of PSE.

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Personal Safety Education (PSE) project is conducted currently within private, semi-private, and government schools wherein children and their primary caregivers like parents, teachers, school authorities are targeted. Apart from conducting the PSE module, Arpan also advocates for the institutionalization of the PSE curriculum within the existing school system and motivates the senior management of the school to develop and/ strengthen the existing child protection policies and systems within their environment.

The second network wherein Personal Safety Education (PSE) is conducted is the shelter home/ institutional/ NGO set ups, wherein along with the children, their critical primary caregivers like caretakers, shelter in charge, parents etc. are also empowered.

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Arpan also conducts workshops on Personal Safety Education (PSE) at the level of the larger community wherein children and their parents/ guardians are empowered with knowledge and skills to respond to Child Sexual Abuse (CSA).

So far Arpan has directly taught over 71,000 children personal safety skills and empowered over 49,000 parents, 4,400 teachers with knowledge and skills to address CSA, over 4,400 children have also been helped through counseling to overcome any negative outcomes of experiencing CSA or inappropriate behaviour.