Personal Safety Education Training Kit

Personal Safety Education Training Kit for prevention of Child Sexual Abuse

Arpan is happy to bring you the Personal Safety Education Kit. This first-ever, cutting-edge, socio-culturally appropriate, and comprehensive kit is based on Arpan’s learning from international leaders in Child Sexual Abuse, engagement with diverse stakeholders, undertaking of pilot projects, completing learning loops for each and re-piloting the revised project over years. This will become a ready reckoner to conduct Personal Safety Education Programme and integrate Child Protection mechanisms.

This kit is available in 3 languages: English, Hindi and Marathi.

The contents of the PSE Training Kit are:

1. Instruction Booklet on How to use the Kit
2. Arpan’s Personal Safety Education Lesson Plan Manuals for Grade 1 to 6
3. Arpan’s Guide to First Level Intervention for handling disclosures of Child Sexual Abuse
4. Arpan’s Guide to Monitoring and Evaluation of Personal Safety Education
5. Arpan’s Manual for Trainers to implement Personal Safety Education
6. Spreading Awareness on Child Sexual Abuse
7. Parenting Tips and General Guidelines for Keeping Children Safe
8. Understanding Child Sexual Abuse – Frequently Asked Questions
9. Emoticons
10. Posters
11. Stickers
12. Private Body Parts Charts
13. CD with soft copies of Resources of the Personal Safety Education Kit

To get access to a Personal Safety Education Training kit, write to us at resources[at]arpan[dot]org[dot]in

Contents of the PSE training Kit