Personal Safety Champion / Volunteer Associate

JOB TITLE:                                         Personal Safety Champion / Volunteer Associate

Department:                                       Personal Safety Champion /Volunteer Management

Proposed Immediate Superior:  Coordinator Peronsal Safety Champion /Volunteer management


Implementing Peronsal Safety Champion and Volunteer Program


Asst. Manager





Key Objectives of the Job    Call up, coordinate, motivate & engage with children
Major Deliverables The major responsibilities are:

  • To get in touch or call with children/teenagers, parents on a daily basis
  • Convincing the children and parents to become the Personal Safety Champion
  • Need to provide adequate information. Knowledge, skills to the champions, adults and within the team
  • Strong follow up with those shown interest and has potentials
  • To conduct meetings as per the availability of the group of children and adult Champions with the guidance of the coordinator
  • Documentation of field experiences in a timely manner and maintaining accurate data timely
  • Adherence to the operational protocol including timely reporting of field activities to the coordinator
  • Ensuring regular reviews with Coordinator and Manager
  • To play a support role to the coordinator in planning, advocating and coordination for the Personal Safety Champion programme in schools, colleges, NGOs, communities and other vicinities
  • To participate in internal and external training
  • To assist the coordinator in the training of new Champs and in capacity building sessions when required
  • Play an active role in the execution of planned events/ activities of Arpan
Job Challenges   
  • Get in touch with Children and adults at the right time
  • Talk to their parents and take their consent so that the child can be ready to join Personal Safety Champion volunteer
  • To be patient in making daily calls
  • No clear roadmap so frequent changes in approach are possible
  • Be ready for changes
Specialized job competencies Ability to work in challenging environment and need to be keen to work with children and adultAbility to work in a team
Educational Qualification  Graduation / Post Graduation from any stream
Desired Experience 1-2 years of experience in group work with children and adolescents, conducting sessions, facilitating discussions. Fresher with any similar voluntary experience would also be eligible.
Other desired attributes Ability to be creative and child-friendly; open to extensive local travel; Multilingual with fluency in Hindi, Marathi, and English. Good at computers.
Location Mumbai
Salary range Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000/- per month plus travel