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Awareness Sessions

Awareness sessions are conducted for teachers with an aim to create greater sensitivity and awareness about the issue of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) to enable them to protect children from potential abuse. Topics covered in the awareness sessions include, conceptual clarity on CSA, Impact of CSA, Understanding grooming and the offender, Handling disclosure, Importance of Counseling and General Guidelines on Keeping Children Safe. These sessions last from an hour to three hours.


Arpan conducts 3-5 days training for NGO professionals to undertake the Personal Safety Education Programme implementation at their school or organizational level and also to help build a ‘child protection’ environment in their organisation. Skills are developed to effectively handle children’s disclosure of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA). Topics include, Conceptual clarity on Child Sexual Abuse (CSA), Impact of CSA, Understanding grooming and the offender, Law on CSA, Medico legal intervention, Teaching children Personal Safety Skills through lesson plans, Handling disclosure and Importance of Counseling.

Arpan also conducts 3 day training’s for social workers on Basic Counseling skills for them to handle first level intervention in cases of child sexual abuse.

Training Manuals are provided to each trainer to enable them to easily implement the Personal Safety Education Program. These training’s can be customised to suit the needs of the NGO.