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Awareness Sessions for college students

Awareness sessions are conducted for college students with an aim to create greater sensitivity and awareness about the issue of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) to enable them to protect children as future parents. Also importantly encourage them to come into a process of recovery and healing if they’ve experienced CSA. Topics covered in the awareness sessions include, conceptual clarity on CSA, Impact of CSA, Understanding grooming and the offender, Handling disclosure, Importance of Counseling. These sessions last from an hour to three hours.

Personal Safety Education (PSE) for children

Personal Safety lesson plans are conducted with children of age 6 years to 12 within private, semi-private and government schools, shelter homes and within communities. Through 4-6 lesson plans age appropriate information is provided to children on how they can protect themselves from sexual abuse. Read More


Counseling can make the child/adolescent understand that it was not their fault for what has happened to them. Very often the child feels guilty; there are social withdrawals, sudden changes in the behaviour of the child. With counseling the child starts feeling safe and secure and helps develop their self-esteem. Adolescents are also able to heal and come into a process of recovery so that the rest of their lives is not very affected by their past experiences of abuse. Read More

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