Director of Training & Advocacy

JOB TITLE:                                         Director of Training & Advocacy

Department:                                       Training and Advocacy

Proposed Immediate Superior:  CEO


Leading and developing the Training & Advocacy team to further the issue of Child Sexual Abuse across India




Director Training & Advocacy

Key Objectives of the Job    Leading Arpan’s Training vertical, which is the organization’s key department for external and internal training, strategic advocacy with govt. and non-government bodies and robust knowledge creation to mainstream the addressing of Child Sexual Abuse in all relevant environments.
Major Deliverables The major responsibilities are:

  • Ideation and strategic planning for building long-term alliances and creating avenues for capacity building
  • Ensure effective design and quality driven implementation of training
  • Ensure skill building through internal training and develop strategic alliances for long-term training and mainstreaming Child protection.
  • Build relationships with the Govt. and manage advocacy with local, state & central government and conduct training for duty bearers all over the country.
  • Strategic partnerships with education bodies, non-govt agencies, schools to mainstream child protection
Job Challenges   
  • Continuous strategy and ideation to refine Arpan’s direction of travel with a focus on Arpan’s vision to impact children all over the country.
  • Building a low attrition, high quality, motivated team, and providing direction and mentorship to large, young and diverse teams.
  • Advocate for policy changes across the board to ensure prevention of child sexual abuse.
Specialized job competencies Ability to ideate and work independently to materialize the organizational goals of Training and advocacy.
Educational Qualification  Post Graduation in Project Management, Sociology, Psychology, Child Development, Social work and other related fields.
Desired Experience Having experience of project management for at least 10 years, advocacy with the govt and working with the government for 3-5 years. Should be a stickler for detail and process adherence.
Other desired attributes Inter-personal skills, patience and perseverance.
Location Mumbai
Salary range Rs. 1.2 lakh – 1.5 lakhs per month plus travel. (depending on qualification and years of experience)