Counsellor- Psychotherapeutic Services

JOB SPECIFICATION: Counsellor- Psychotherapeutic Services

Department: Healing Services

Proposed Immediate Superior: Coordinator, Psychotherapeutic Services

1. Context

Providing direct psychotherapeutic services in the capacity of the counsellor at the psychotherapeutic services unit.

2. Organogram

Coordinator Psychotherapeutic Services


Counsellor- Psychotherapeutic Services

3. Key Objectives of the Job

Providing psychotherapeutic services to children and adults survivors of sexual abuse and conducting training.

4. Major Deliverables

The major responsibilities are:

  • Providing psychotherapeutic to children and adults survivors of sexual abuse
  • Maintaining the client database and documentation of all cases in the organizational formats and submitting monthly updates to the Coordinator
  • Conducting awareness sessions and training on the issue as well as TOTs and other training organized/ conducted by Apran
5. Job Challenge

To be able to reflect on field realities, challenges and movements specific to interventions on the issue of CSA and work towards mitigating concerns as soon as they crop up. To continuously bring these to the coordinator and explore meaningful ways to move forward.

6. Specialized job competencies

Experience in counselling, mental health and trauma-focused work.

7. Educational Qualification

Post Graduation in Clinical/ Counselling Psychology/ Psychiatric Social Work.

8. Desired Experience

3 years of experience in direct psychotherapeutic interventions.Should be a stickler for detail and process adherence.

9. Other desired attributes


Being able to work in a team with clear and open communication. Knowledge of windows, word and excel is necessary. Working knowledge of SPSS (optional)

10. Location


11. Salary range

Rs. 23,000/- to 25,000/- depending on previous experience. +Monthly travel of up to 4,500+1500/-(Therapeutic allowances) over and above the salary.