Personal Safety Education

Personal Safety Education (PSE) is Arpan’s key project and aims at enabling and empowering children within schools, institutions and through workshop mode with information & skills in order to prevent the risk of sexual abuse. The PSE project also inculcates skills for seeking help and reporting cases of attempted and/or continued sexual abuse to trusted adults. Children who report cases of attempted and continued sexual abuse are provided

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Awareness Sessions

Arpan conducts awareness and basic skill building sessions with diverse stakeholder groups like parents, teachers, college students, NGO professionals, police officials, medical professionals, etc. with an aim to create greater sensitivity and awareness about the issue of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA). The sessions enable these groups to create a safety and support network for protecting children from potential abuse. So far Arpan has empowered over 3,800 police

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Healing Services

Mental health in India is a highly tabooed issue and there is a lot of social and cultural reservation around the same. In case of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA), the client is stigmatized all the more by the society and at the same time face constraints to access counselling services. In order to reduce the occurrence of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) it’s important to heal the trauma and impact of the same. At Arpan we work at various levels to help the

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Capacity Building

Arpan conducts various kinds of trainings to suit numerous stakeholders. Training on Personal Safety Education In order to sustain the impact of PSE project beyond Arpan, teachers/trainers within the respective school and/or NGO environment are trained in conducting the PSE project and providing first level support to the children. The aim of this training is to enable teachers/trainers with the required knowledge, attitude and skills to implement

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Arpan is focusing on developing an authentic and holistic knowledge base on the issue of child sexual abuse to understand the phenomenon and create appropriate intervention. Arpan has a strong inclination towards research because we aspire to eventually emerge as a Resource Centre for those wanting to learn more on the issue. Hence, the team constantly engages itself in intensive data analysis, research studies, reviews of relevant secondary literature,

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Resource Development

Resource Development is a critical component at Arpan to support the direct implementation as well as capacity building of professionals. Arpan is also designing various tools, resources and modalities to scale and replicate their services across geographies and socio-economic and cultural groups. To know more about our Resources material on Child Sexual Abuse Click Here        

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