Capacity Building

Arpan conducts various kinds of trainings to suit numerous stakeholders.

Training on Personal Safety Education

Capacity Bldg 1 704 x 318

In order to sustain the impact of PSE project beyond Arpan, teachers/trainers within the respective school and/or NGO environment are trained in conducting the PSE project and providing first level support to the children. The aim of this training is to enable teachers/trainers with the required knowledge, attitude and skills to implement and replicate the current models of intervention of Arpan towards prevention and healing of child sexual abuse. Arpan has so far trained more than 400 individuals.

Training on Child Sexual Abuse

Capacity Bldg 2 704 x 318

Arpan conducts an intensive 3-day workshop with NGO professionals with an aim to sensitize and empower their staff about CSA and enable them with skills, attitude and tools to integrate the knowledge regarding prevention of CSA and healing strategies into their existing interventions and systems for their target groups. Arpan has so far trained over 500 NGO professionals, caretakers, staff, counselors, social service professionals and school counselors.

Training on counseling and alternative therapies
Arpan also plays the role of a resource agency by conducting and organizing training’s and workshops for mental health and social service professionals on Trauma and alternative psychotherapeutic intervention strategies like Dance Movement Therapy, Play Therapy, Group Therapy, Trauma resolution therapies like Somatic Experiencing and Psychodrama, etc. to empower them to deal with CSA cases more effectively.

Capacity Bldg 3 704 x 318

Arpan is also running successfully the Working Group on Trauma for the last 5 years. This is a group of mental health professionals and social workers who work in conjunction with a mentor/resource person towards understanding the effects of Trauma and building their skills to facilitate effective healing process of children and adults survivors of CSA and their families.

Arpan has so far trained over 1200 professionals and thus indirectly reached out to over 2,11,000 children and adults as a result of these training’s.