Public Advocacy

Our Work - Public Advocacy 704 x 318

Public advocacy in order to create sensitization on Child Sexual Abuse with public at large in order to create more visibility and awareness about the issue of child sexual abuse. Arpan does Public Advocacy through Civil Society Events, by participating in various forums, events and exhibitions where in one can reach out to the masses like the Mumbai Marathon, the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival Street Plays, Exhibitions, Conferences, etc.

Arpan also uses the print and social media as a tool for building awareness and advocating for attitudinal change towards CSA.

So far Arpan has reached out to over 31,000 individuals through events, conferences and exhibitions and over 1.7 million individuals through electronic and social media.

Policy Advocacy

Our Work - Advocacy 704 x 318

Constant efforts are being made to lobby for policy level and systemic changes at the local, state and national level. The aim of advocacy at Arpan is to create a legally and politically supportive environment for prevention and intervention of child sexual abuse and sustain the social impact of Arpan’s work.