The Board Members

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Achama Mathew

Achama Mathew is the Chief Education Officer at Bombay Cambridge Gurukul (BCG) Schools. She works closely with the administrators of the schools with curriculum planning, its implementation and providing curricular material for both students and teachers. She is involved with strategic planning in BCG to ensure that all the schools provide a dynamic environment and are committed to developing excellence in behaviour academics and behaviour. Conducts teacher training for staff within BCG as well as other institutions. She is a Special Educator by training and facilitates mainstreaming of students with special needs, to give them the best opportunity that their condition can manage. 


Vaishali Kapadia

Vaishali Kapadia is the Asst. Art Director at Spenta Multimedia. She has a background in design and has been in the print field for over 15 years. She currently works as an Assistant Art Director in one of the leading publishing houses, Spenta Multimedia. Vaishali has been with Arpan since it’s inception and is a Founder Trustee.

Vaishali has been with Arpan since it’s inception and is a Founder Trustee.


Arjun Raychaudhuri

Arjun Raychaudhuri is the MD & CEO at MMTC-PAMP India Private Limited, a new joint venture between the Indian government and PAMP – a Swiss based global leader in precious metals refining and trading.

His work has been focused on scaling mid-stage companies and restructuring distressed institutions. In India, he has worked with IFMR as CFO and head of Strategy for their rural channels businesses. Prior to this, he was with J.C. Flowers, a global private equity firm overseeing portfolio companies in Europe, Russia and India.

He was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford, and holds an MBA from the Wharton School of Business.

He also serves on the Boards of OneSavingsBank India and Leapskills academy.

Pooja Taparia - CEO Arpan - Towards freedom from Child Sexual Abuse

Pooja Taparia

Pooja Taparia is Founder, Trustee and CEO of Arpan. Read More